Why Choose Sceptre Disinfection Services?

  • Kills Disease-causing viruses, bacteria and harmful pathogens.
  • Global disinfectants of hospital grade quality at affordable cost.
  • EPA registered components with proven efficiency on pathogens and safety to mankind.
  • Best in Industry products and professionals equipped with protective gear.
  • Use of Biodegradable products to save the entire ecosystem by sparing flora and fauna.

Why Us ?

EPA Approved Disinfectants

The Sceptoshield 1 W is an EPA-approved (ID 61178 – 1) disinfectant that has proved resilient against novel Coronavirus. It has shown high efficiency and has an approval rate of 99.9% in the destruction of virus, making it a high-grade disinfectant.

Proper Equipment & Trained Staff

At Sceptre we believe that you deserve the best. All our staff is equipped with a high-grade ULV fogger for our disinfection services and a new PPE kit for every visit. They have also been trained exclusively for grade A service & disinfection.



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    ” Charges- INR 4000 for 2000 sq. ft. and above that 1.5 Rs per sq. ft.
    ” Rest of the Payment to be Fulfilled by customer after Completion of work.

    About Disinfection Services


    Doctor (Answer) – Process of killing harmful pathogens (bacteria, virus, fungi) that can cause serious diseases, with certified disinfectants to keep your family safe.


    Doctor (Answer) – Yes, it is not only important but a necessity!

    Nearly 80% of the disease-causing pathogens are around you right now, right this instance- in your bedroom, your bathroom, your door knobs and even the pillow you rest your head on. 

    These pathogens can cause harmful diseases like the flu, infections or even COVID-19! They can be exceptionally more harmful if they end up latching onto someone with a compromised immune system, which includes diabetics, those with weakened asthmatic systems and patients recovering from COVID. 

    The way ahead is to treat these with EPA approved disinfectants and a trusted service that allows you to breathe easily literally!


    • Sceptre has been a pioneer in infection control for over a decade. 
    • With EPA certified disinfectants and ULV foggers, we at Sceptre ensure that your safety is our responsibility by following CDC guidelines for disinfection. 
    • In collaboration with iProtect Solutions, we aim to deliver an extremely safe disinfection service right to your doorstep. 

    How it Works?

    Choose the type of space according to your requirement.

    We service all type of spaces.

    Choose the Size of space for disinfection.

    Customised solution for all size.

    Hassle free service

    Complete disinfection for your space

    What Customers say:

    We live in Delhi and my grandfather went to the hospital for COVID. We were told that his apartment needed to be disinfected before he was able to return. I found Sceptre and I called them. They gave me the best quote and time they would arrive and they were on time. Great service, great price and great customer service! I highly recommend them for any of your disinfectant purposes!



    Sceptre disinfectant services are excellent and help us ensure a safe working environment. It’s recommended to disinfect the place twice or thrice in a month and they always provide us with the best services.



    I love everything about Sceptre, they provide efficient and trustworthy services. All the people I have met are professional and courteous. Will highly recommend their services.




    Yes, the chemicals used are certified to kill Coronavirus and other harmful viruses and germs. 

    Entire area of the home or commercial space will be covered in the service. 

    The ULV Fogger is an ultra-low volume device which is able to reach all nooks and crannies and is used to spread the chemical which kills harmful viruses and bacteria. This is followed by wiping the high-touch areas such as door handles, switchboards etc. with the chemical for complete sanitization. 

    It takes 1-2 hours to sanitize a space depending on the size of the commercial space or the home

     Disinfection services include spraying and wiping of touch points and surfaces with EPA approved disinfectants and other cleaning supplies including tissues, paper towels, and cleaners. During the disinfection and sanitization service, our professionals will come in special EPA approved hazmat garments and use WHO recommended chemicals to clean thoroughly and disinfect your home and business. Our professionals use: • EPA registered chemicals and procedures • Hospital-grade disinfectant • Kill 99.999% of bacteria and viruses • No harmful by-products or residues Our process is thorough but once completed, it offers minimal downtime, making it ideal for both homes and offices. The toxicity of the chemicals used is completely harmless to both humans and pets.

     EPA has approved a list of surface disinfectant products that are useful to kill the COVID19 virus and many more such difficult to eradicate viruses because they: – Demonstrate efficacy (e.g. effectiveness) against a harder-to-kill virus; or – Demonstrate efficacy against another type of human coronavirus similar to SARS-CoV-2. Our trained staff is equipped to use only the EPA approved chemicals and disinfectants.

     We follow EPA recommended guidelines for cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing for coronavirus. Before applying the chemicals, our professionals clean the surfaces for visible debris and dust from high touch-points such as door knobs, handles, switches, flat surface etc. as well to ensure guaranteed removal of diseases spreading bacteria and viruses.

     Your family/ employees will be able to safely return to the area within 10-15 minutes of the completion of the service.

    In a time where we have been made aware of the need for safety in shared spaces, disinfection has become a common requirement, especially in high touch areas like door knobs or common resources for the office like wash rooms and furniture. The COVID-19 Virus is highly contagious and does spread between people via touch or surfaces; therefore this service is recommended for households and offices alike, especially after someone has been sick. 

    No, it doesn’t leave any smell. Scepto-Shield 1 has a nice refreshing lavender fragrance.

    Minimal after care is required, but to maintain the surface cleanliness, a quick swipe of disinfectant wipes will be an added precaution if necessary. To buy our disinfectant wipes please click here.